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Custom Unnatural Amino Acid

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Custom Unnatural Amino Acid

Custom Unnatural Amino Acid

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Unnatural Amino Acids Process Development and Manufacturing

We are experts in producing a variety of unnatural amino acids including most challenging structures per our customers' specifications from kilo to metric ton scale. With our global quality standard, we develop robust process of amino acid products in superior quality with effective cost control.

α-Me-amino acids: Employ natural amino acid Alanine to design α-Me-amino acid derivatives. This type of methods can be applied to other natural amino acids (Leucine, Phenylalanine, etc.)

N-Me-amino acids: Develop the cyclization process to form the methylation by simply two steps

PG series: All protecting strategies (Boc, Fmoc, Cbz, Mtt, DDE, IVDDE) can be applied

α- and β- construction series: Develop enzyme catalyst techniques to construct selectable α- or β-site unnatural amino acids

NCA series: develop the process to well control the quality of NCAs

With the knowledge and synthetic skills of our experienced chemists , we also offer amino acid custom synthesis service. If your desired structure is not in this list, or you want a bulk order, we are happy to support.  For custom synthesis inquiry, we can synthesize up to kg at laboratory, and ton scale at our dedicated factory, please send your requests to, and we will respond shortly when we receive your custom synthesis inquiry.

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Case Study

Peptide manufacturing_CAS 1426827-79-3

CAS 1426827-79-3

n=0,1,2…, m=1,2,3…

Custom synthesis, from g to kg scale

R1, R2, R3 can be different protecting groups upon your design

Key building block for alternative route in cyclic peptide construction

An alternative option for thioether macrocycles

Peptide synthesis_CAS 1426827-79-3

CAS 1426827-79-3

Commercial available in small quantity: 100 mg, $400-$1000 market price

Commonly used for copper free click reaction

Ideal building block for peptide fragment conjugation

WuXi is capable of providing these analogs in 500+ grams scale with short timeline and lower price