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Peptide-Drug Conjugate

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Peptide-drug conjugate is a fast-growing area as a new modality for targeted drug delivery with improved efficacy and reduced side effects for cancer treatment. Our comprehensive peptide platform, coupled with our strong small molecule chemistry capability, provides a one-stop solution for peptide drug conjugate development and manufacturing.

Design linkers with optimal size, suitable release mechanism and compatible conjugation chemistry

Develop payload derivatives with modified toxicity and/or special linkage site

Synthesize customized drug-linker complexes

Seamless scale up from discovery to commercial

Sample payload in stock: MMAE, MMAF, DM1, DM4, PBD, Doxorubicine derivatives etc

Sample linkers in stock: MC-VC-PAB-PNP, Glu-VC-PAB, NHS-Glu-VC-PAB, Azido-Glu-VC-PAB, Hydrazone (acid Sensitive), Disulfide (Glutathione sensitive), SMCC etc

Experience in synthesis of 350+ linkers

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Experience in 40+ payload modification

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Peptide manufacturing_image2
Peptide synthesis_image3
Custom peptide synthesis_image4

Integrated peptide drug conjugate development and manufacturing cutting time


Our integrated peptide-toxin development and manufacturing service saved 4-6 months

  • Seamless collaboration with in-parallel activities among 4 workstreams

  • Swift sample transport and information sharing from upstream to downstream teams